Friday, April 11, 2014

Houston Police Homicide Detective Ryan Chandler is Being Called 'One Bad Apple'

HPD Detective Ryan Chandler Under Investigation for Mishandling Cases

Houston, Texas

You know, judging from all of his cut-and-paste, duplicate employee evaluations, many containing the same misspelled words, Ryan Chandler looks like a competent homicide investigator.

The Houston Police Department is conducting an internal probe into their homicide division, including taking a closer look at a number of investigators, supervisors and other employees. So far, Sgt. Ryan Chandler seems like the king turd of the group.

Oh and, about those employee evaluations, KHOU-TV did a probe of their own and found that every one of Chandler’s four reviews done in 2011 and 2012, were virtually identical, with the same exact wording used in the same order. In short, each semi-annual review seemed to have been copied and pasted from the previous review.

Chandler has been “Indefinitely suspended,” after Internal Affairs officers discovered he falsified HPD reports, even going so far as to claim he “referred” a homicide case to a grand jury, when in fact, he hadn’t and never did.

IAD also concluded that Chandler let cases languish by failing to enter new information in their files for 18 months in one case, two and a half years in another, and in yet another, waiting three years to update the offense report for the crime.

Worse, Internal Affairs also found that Chandler failed to even go to some of the scenes of homicides to which he’d been assigned. In at least one instance, Chandler defended himself, according to HPD, by saying that there was no crime scene to investigate.

The probe is also focusing on Senior Police Officer Kevin P. Carr and Senior Officer Richard Moreno and former Sgt. E. Gonzalez – the now Houston City Councilman Ed Gonzalez.

The probe continues, although the DA’s office admits that criminal prosecution is probably in the cards for Ryan Chandler.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Big Spring Police Officer Simon Elizondo Charged with Theft by a Public Servant

Simon Elizondo
Big Spring, Texas

A Big Spring Police officer has been arrested on a state jail felony of theft by a public servant.

According to a report from BSPD, department officials were told about allegations involving misconduct by an officer identified as Simon Elizondo.

Once the allegations surfaced, BSPD began an internal investigation and the preliminary findings led officers to believe criminal activity had taken place and the investigation was turned over to the Texas Rangers. The report also states that BSPD assisted with both investigations and Elizondo was placed on administrative leave.

On Friday, an arrest warrant was issued for Elizondo on a charge of theft by a public servant, the report stated.

According to the report, Elizondo was arrested and charged with theft by a public servant and placed in the Howard County Law Enforcement Center. What Elizondo had taken was not specified.

San Antonio Police Officer James Ferguson Arrested for Drunk Driving in San Marcos

James Ferguson San Antonio Police Officer
James Ferguson
San Marcos, Texas

A San Antonio police officer was arrested for driving while intoxicated early Thursday morning.

San Marcos Police Department Chief Howard Williams said James Henry Ferguson, 37, was arrested around 2:30 a.m. He was held in the Hays County Jail overnight and released in lieu of $3,000 bail at 12:45 Thursday afternoon.

Ferguson has been with the San Antonio Police Department since 2007, according to state records.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Former Harris County Deputy Jimmy Drummond Indicted Over Beating Caught on Videotape

Jimmy Drummond
Houston, Texas

Back in September of 2011, a dash cam video captured what Precinct 4 Harris County Deputy Constable Jimmy Drummond would have never wanted the public to see. During a traffic stop, Drummond can be seen beating a man, as well as the man’s family who attempted to intervene. Following the scuffle, the man’s ribs were broken, his father's face was bruised and his mother was dragged.

The family's attorney said this was not the first time that Drummond, then a Harris County deputy, had been accused of this sort of thing.

“There have been no less than 6 individual people who have come forward to me since this incident and said they also had problems with Jimmy Drummond."

This week, a grand jury has indicted Jimmy Drummond on one count of official oppression, which could result in one year in jail and a $4,000 fine if convicted.

Drummond, now a deputy in Montgomery County, Texas is on paid administrative leave.

Jimmy Drummond Indicted for Videotaped Beating

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Six Law Enforcement Officers Charged in Illegal Horse Track Scheme

Crosby, Texas

When investigators raided the Rancho El Herradero Training Center, after learning it was a front for illegal horse racing and gambling, they turned-up more than they bargained for.

The investigation and raid led to the arrest of nine people, including six law enforcement officers. The officers have been charged with racing without a license.

Authorities said they spent 11 months investigating the property and say the track hired off duty cops to provide security; those officers are accused of looking the other way when illegal gambling was going on.

The Harris County District Attorney's office said the officers arrested include Harris County Pct. 1 deputy constables Secar Guadelupe Rangel and Joel Garcia, DPS State Trooper Richard Rene Rivera, reserve Fort Bend County Pct. 2 deputy constables David Green and Edward Scott and reserve Maverick County Sheriff's Office deputy Carlos Garza.

They also arrested three civilians -- Reginaldo Mandujano, Diana Marie Salinas and Consuelo Rivera.

Harris County Pct. 1 Constable Alan Rosen said he fired the two deputies from his agency the minute they were arrested.

"I don't tolerate crime on the street and I don't tolerate it in my office," said Rosen.

The nine suspects, including the six law enforcement officers, are expected to appear in the 338th state District Court Monday morning.

Monday, July 22, 2013

San Marcos Cop James Palermo Has Anger Issues: Arrested After Abusing and Injuring Girl During Traffic Stop

San Marcos, Texas

There’s a story brewing about a bad cop in San Marcos. His name is James Palermo, a police corporal, arrested for allegedly beating a Texas State University student from the Woodlands.

According to investigators and witnesses, Palermo pushed Alexis Alpha, 22, against a car and slammed her onto a concrete driveway.

"It's personally painful that any officer, much less officers that work under my command would engage in this kind of conduct,” said San Marcos Police Chief Howard Williams.

The incident occurred when Alpha walked by a car the officer stopped near downtown San Marcos.

Alpha told KHOU-TV in Houston, “I wasn’t the only one who walked between the cars. Several people walked between them. I was just the one he called out.”

Once Alpha walked by the vehicle, the altercation took place. Witnesses watched as the officer grabbed Alpha by her shoulders, took her four or five steps backwards, and then slammed her on the car. Palermo then threw the girl face-down onto the concrete.

Palermo arrested her for obstruction of justice, resisting arrest and public intoxication, but all of those charges were later dismissed.

Alexis, who also suffered a concussion, has since had three root canals and nearly a dozen visits to the dentist. According to court documents, Alpha lost two teeth, had a concussion and will need several surgeries.

This isn’t the first case of excessive force against Palermo. The chief said two years ago, Palermo was involved in another incident. However, that case was dismissed.

This time though, a supervisor saw dash cam video and initiated an investigation.

Palermo was arrested this week and was charged with aggravated assault by a public servant.

The 40-year-old is now out on bail and is on restricted duty while the investigation is being conducted.

Alexis Alpha before and after meeting bully cop Palermo

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Is Rio Grande City Cop Alejandro “Alex” Gutierrez a Sexual Predator?

Alejandro "Alex" Gutierrez
Rio Grande City, Texas

Another Texas lawman is on the other side of the law and accused of being a sexual predator.

Alejandro Gutierrez, an officer at the Rio Grande City Police Department, was arrested by fellow officers and Texas Rangers after a woman reported he sexually assaulted her.

The victim reported to the station on Sunday afternoon and reported that Gutierrez had detained her for an outstanding warrant and forced her to perform oral sex before driving her home, according to Police Chief Dutch Piper.

“We immediately called the Texas Rangers and the DA’s Office so they could do an outside investigation,” Piper said. “We had him at the police department and he was arrested and charged.”

Gutierrez is facing one count of sexual assault, one count of official oppression and one count of civil rights violation of a person in custody. After an arraignment hearing on Monday morning, bond for Gutierrez was set at $35,000.
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