Monday, October 1, 2012

Houston Police Sergeant Stacey Suro’s Nude Modeling Photos Raise Many Things, Including Concerns from Superiors

Houston, Texas

How on earth could a police officer get 175 friends on Facebook so quickly? Well, just ask Houston Police Sergeant Stacey Suro.

The 42-year-old Houston police woman found an easy way to attract friends, by posting some revealing photos while in uniform. However, her superiors are not finding the photos appealing at all. In fact, she has been relieved of duty while Internal Affairs investigates.

Looks like the police Sergeant by day, lives in a different world outside of the job. Suro is an after-hours model, or so one might think, based on the risqué photos she posted on the website

The investigation into this supervisor's online activity started last Wednesday. Sources said that's when the higher ups at HPD learned Suro had posted nearly 100 pictures -- some of them nude -- on the modeling site.

According to KPRC-TV in Houston, while a few of the photos are mild, others go a little deeper. They depict Soro in fetish, bondage and other compromising positions.

Suro has since taken the link down. But before she did, KPRC Local 2 found her bio where she called herself "Tessoro." She clearly stated she was a model.

Sources report that many of her subordinates at West Side Patrol have seen these photos which can be found all over the Internet and a never-ending list of news and commentary outlets, since KPRC-TV broke the story.

Just how viral has the story gone?

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