Thursday, December 6, 2012

Is Houston Police Department Covering Up Something?

Houston, Texas

Back in 2009, the Houston Police Department raided the home of Wilfido Joe Alfaro, supposedly to find a load of drugs.

During the raid, one of the officers was shot. Police claim it was Alfaro who fired the shot. After the dust settled, Wilfido Alfaro was dead.

It was in the aftermath, when things began to look suspicious. As it turns out, Houston police officers never found the drugs they were expecting to find. And as for Alfaro, well, here three years later, an autopsy report shows he was shot at least eight times in the back.

Also, the weapon he allegedly used to fire on the officer happened to be the same type of gun the officers were carrying.

HPD maintains that nothing inappropriate happened. However, Houston attorney Randall Kallinen and other advocates are claiming otherwise.

Houston police are already under investigation by the Justice Department for numerous claims of excessive force. And if advocates have their way, this case will be added to the list.

Houston Police say they did not have anything to do with the delay in autopsy findings.

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