Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Houston Police Officer Stacey Suro Learns Her Fate Following Nude Modeling Scandal

Houston, Texas

Remember the name Stacey Suro? Well, she was a Sergeant with the Houston Police Department, who landed in the hot seat last October over some semi-nude and nude modeling photos. Many of the photos depicted Suro in fetish and bondage situations. WAS A SERGEANT is the important words here, as we now know the outcome of an investigation into her modeling life.

Chief Charles McClelland recommended demotion, an offer Suro decided to accept. She will now become a regular officer, but will not be allowed to patrol the streets. Instead, she’ll be watching over the property room. Officials say they believe the demotion will also mean a cut in pay for the 20-year veteran.

The decision follows a five month internal affairs investigation after she posted photos on

The investigation into Suro's online activity started last September. Sources said that's when HPD learned Suro had posted nearly 100 pictures. Our story from October (With Photos)

The Photo Collection

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