Monday, January 6, 2014

Former Harris County Deputy Jimmy Drummond Indicted Over Beating Caught on Videotape

Jimmy Drummond
Houston, Texas

Back in September of 2011, a dash cam video captured what Precinct 4 Harris County Deputy Constable Jimmy Drummond would have never wanted the public to see. During a traffic stop, Drummond can be seen beating a man, as well as the man’s family who attempted to intervene. Following the scuffle, the man’s ribs were broken, his father's face was bruised and his mother was dragged.

The family's attorney said this was not the first time that Drummond, then a Harris County deputy, had been accused of this sort of thing.

“There have been no less than 6 individual people who have come forward to me since this incident and said they also had problems with Jimmy Drummond."

This week, a grand jury has indicted Jimmy Drummond on one count of official oppression, which could result in one year in jail and a $4,000 fine if convicted.

Drummond, now a deputy in Montgomery County, Texas is on paid administrative leave.

Jimmy Drummond Indicted for Videotaped Beating

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