Sunday, November 15, 2015

Austin Police Excessive Force Caught on Cam; Family Assaulted, Dog Kicked

Austin, Texas

A recent arrest in Austin, Texas clearly demonstrates why police activities should definitely be videotaped.

Louis Aguilar was tased and beaten by Austin's finest. While the video doesn’t show why the police were called, it appears that a man was attempting to comply with officers and make his way outside. However, for the police officers, this wasn't good enough. They wanted to demonstrate their authority. They do this, as the video depicts, by showing three Austin police officers dragging Louis onto his porch and starting a fight with the entire family.

At first, only one officer who was hands on, but once the video gets rolling, a second officer shows up and begins to violently twist Aguilar’s arms. This is only made harder by the other officer already struggling with Louis. The third officer who shows up places his hands around the guys neck and pulls him by his head the rest of the way out of the door. Eventually he is taken to the ground, tased twice and punched. When the family members verbally protest the assault the cops begin to abuse them.

A younger brother steps in, after police tased his older brother. One of the cops slams him to the ground and shoves him into the wall.

While the younger brother is part of the abuse of power and excessive force, the family dog jumps in and bites the ankle of the officer who is attacking the younger brother. The tiny dog is kicked across the porch. The younger brother is taken to the ground and then the officer who was struggling with Louis punches him in the face, as Louis is saying “Please don’t do this”.

Well done, officers. Do you feel like real men now?

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