Thursday, November 11, 2010

Houston Motorcycle Riders Say They Are Being Targeted By Police Officer

Houston, Texas

Some Houston bikers admit they can look intimidating.

"I'm not a criminal," says one biker. "I may look like one but I'm not a criminal."

But he and scores of other bike riders say they're being targeted by veteran Houston Police officer Rick Holtsclaw.

They say they're being harassed by Holtsclaw because they ride motorbikes. And none of these bikers seem to know why. "This guy's got a rub against somebody that has ridden a motorcycle before and he's carrying it to the beat," one biker believes.

Officer Holtsclaw is using the city’s noise ordinance as the backbone of his quick trigger on writing tickets.

According to a police union official, Holtsclaw's supervisor and a city prosecutor questioned whether the city's noisy vehicle ordinance could be used against motorcycles calling it a "gray area.” But a city legal opinion ruled it was enforceable and that cleared the way for Holtsclaw to continue writing bike riders tickets.

The officer, according to reports, has written 200 citations for noisy vehicles in the last 9 months.


1 comment:

tomi said...

iam totally with this officer!!! i wish the city would consider on a ordinance against cars...bikes..and other noisey motor vehicles...i have a townhome and live in a small nieghborhood and dred hearing my nieghbors HONDA CIVIC with a muffler sound that wakes up my infant everytime he enters his driveway...he doesnt even have to be in front of his house for me to reconize that it is his car and him driveing into the nieghborhood!!! i also spend vacation time in Galveston and recently have made a choice to stay away from the seawall...just becuz of the biker noise ..i mean really nothing i like better is when im trying to enjoy my vacation and have a two year old child so scared that she is clawing at you to get up in your arms becuz of them reving thier motorbikes by...IT SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!!

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